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10 upcoming Canadian classical albums to get excited about

"Album: Sarah Slean & Symphony Nova Scotia Artists: Sarah Slean, Symphony Nova Scotia, Bernhard Gueller Label: Centrediscs Date: Jan. 24 If you're experiencing déja vu, here's why: half of this album originated in 2012 when singer-songwriter Slean performed Lamento by Christos Hatzis with Symphony Nova Scotia and Bernhard Gueller. CBC Music recorded it and released videos you [...]

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Composer Jennifer Butler messes with Messiaen at the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra’s New Music Festival

"When is it right for a new-music festival to focus on the past? “Now” might be the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra’s response, and that’s entirely understandable. With the orchestra on the verge of entering its second century, and with music director Otto Tausk putting his personal stamp on its annual New Music Festival for the first [...]

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Gayle Young becomes ACWC/AFCC Honorary Member

"Gayle Young has been awarded an ACWC/AFCC Honorary Membership in November, 2019 for her exceptional accomplishments as an innovative composer, instrument creator/inventor, writer, feminist and administrator. She has been an ACWC member since the very beginning, serving on the ACWC Board for many years..." acwc.ca

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Turning Points | Cheryl Duvall: From Harbour Launch to Innermost Songs

"On Sunday evening, December 8 at 8:30, pianist, impresario and all-around creative spark plug, Cheryl Duvall, is doing something at the Tranzac Club she’s never done before: launching her first full-length recording as a piano soloist. It’s not that she hasn’t been in the recording studio numerous times, but this time it’s a special project [...]

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Metcalf Foundation announces winners of the inaugural Johanna Metcalf Performing Arts Prizes

FIVE WINNERS ANNOUNCED FOR THE INAUGURAL JOHANNA METCALF PERFORMING ARTS PRIZES TORONTO, November 25, 2019 – Today, the ; playwright and theatre creator Sunny Drake; composer and classical pianist Alice Ping Yee Ho; composer James Rolfe; multidisciplinary artist Santee Smith; and world music performer and composer Maryem Tollar. On December 12, 2019, at Toronto’s Artscape [...]

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Composer Kevin Lau sheds light on his new work, A Drop of Light, which will premiere in Ottawa this weekend

"When the acclaimed young composer Kevin Lau began work on A Drop of Light, the piece that will make its world premiere in Ottawa on Sunday, he sought out his muse for an entire summer, in crowded coffee shops and the great outdoors. Lau, a Torontonian, had only his assignment in hand — a commission [...]

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Grounded in Displacement | Udo Kasemets: A Centenary Celebration

"Assessing the legacy of a musician is tricky any day, but particularly when celebrating the person’s birth centenary, and especially when he was my teacher, colleague and then, friend, over several decades. It’s even more daunting when that person is the prolific composer, pianist, vocal coach, choral conductor, music journalist and educator, and mentor to [...]

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Signalling a Musical Sea Change | Composer Alexina Louie and cellist Rachel Mercer

"The recent announcement of composer Alexina Louie as the winner of the 2019 Molson Prize in the Arts, the first time the $50,000 prize has been awarded to a female composer, signalled something of a sea change in the world of Canadian music that’s been developing gradually. The prize was presented to Louie by the [...]