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||National + Regional Governance
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National Board of Directors

David Jaeger, Toronto, ON | composer, retired broadcaster (chair)
George Laverock, Vancouver, BC | retired broadcaster (vice-chair)
Jason Weckwerth, Toronto, ON | accountant (treasurer)
Michael House, Toronto, ON | lawyer (secretary)
Nicolas Gilbert, Montréal, QC | composer, educator (past-chair)
Rolf Boon, Lethbridge, AB | composer, educator
Charles Stolte, St. Albert, AB | saxophonist, composer, educator
Richard Covey, Frenchfort, PEI | composer, pianist, and educator
Elaine Keillor, Nepean, ON | musicologist, educator
Tainé Tchintibéle, Montréal, QC | commercial banker
André Hamel, Montréal, QC | composer
Heather Pawsey, Vancouver, BC | vocalist
Susan Wong-Lim, Vancouver, BC | educator
Keith Hamel, Vancouver, BC | composer, educator
Barbara Pritchard, Halifax, NS | pianist, composer
Abigail Richardson-Schulte, Dundas, ON | composer
Glenn Hodgins, Toronto, ON | president & ceo of the Canadian Music Centre (ex-officio)

Regional Councils

Regional Councils are advisory bodies established to further the goals and objectives of the Canadian Music Centre in five regions across the country.