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In this series, we highlight Canada’s most interesting, influential, and often daring musical compositions.

JUNOfest Classical Showcase – CANCELLED

CBCMusic presents JUNOfest JUNOfest Classical Showcase Presented by CBCMusic and Canadian Music Centre Hosted by Julie Nesrallah Including performances by Virginie Gagné, Allyson McHardy, Véronique Mathieu, Marie-Ève Scarfone, Angela Schwarzkopf, Marina Thibeault, Lawrence Wiliford and more.

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10 upcoming Canadian classical albums to get excited about

"Album: Sarah Slean & Symphony Nova Scotia Artists: Sarah Slean, Symphony Nova Scotia, Bernhard Gueller Label: Centrediscs Date: Jan. 24 If you're experiencing déja vu, here's why: half of this album originated in 2012 when singer-songwriter Slean performed Lamento by Christos Hatzis with Symphony Nova Scotia and Bernhard Gueller. CBC Music recorded it and released videos you [...]

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