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Welcome to the new Canadian Music Centre web presence. A lot has changed!

The biggest change is that CMC services are now separated onto two ultra-secure cloud platforms.

This website hosts CMC national and regional blogs, events, and e-commerce products. The completely redesigned CMC Music Library and Composer Showcase reside on a new, state-of-the-art library management system. This keeps your personal commerce-related information apart from your daily library use. Neither site stores credit card information.

To enjoy CMC’s many new online services, you will need to create the following accounts.

To purchase CMC products (downloadable and print-on-demand sheet music, CDs, DVDs, books), you must create a patron account. This is very easy and will take you no more than a few minutes.

To create a patron account, click the button below and enter your email address in the Registration form provided. When you do so, you will be immediately directed to your new patron dashboard. Fill in your billing and shipping information, and you’re ready to shop.

Also, you will receive an email that provides your login username and password. (If you can’t find it in your Inbox, check your Junk folder.)

For your complete security, our new system auto-generates strong passwords. These are at least 14 characters long and they prevent hackers from breaking into your account. Be sure to keep your username and password in a safe place!

When you return to our site, login with your username and password by clicking My Account in the top menu.

Create Patron Account

You may browse or search the CMC Music Library or Composer Showcase without logging in. However, if you wish to add items to your bookbag, and then submit them as loan requests to CMC, you will need to login to your library account.

To create a CMC Music Library account, click the button below. This will take you to the My Bookbag portal in the new CMC Music Library.

Click the My Account tab, click Create New Account, and fill out the form provided.

Be sure to create a Login ID! You will need this to login to your borrower account. You will not require a password.

Please note: You will not have immediate access to the CMC Music Library after you create a new account. For security reasons, we verify and manually authenticate each new account. This process usually takes one business day.

If you require immediate access to the Music Library, please call 1 (416) 961-6601 to have a new account manually created and authenticated over the phone.

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