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  • You Haven’t Been takes on a beautiful and captivating tone. Introspective, full of hope and despair, the music looks at this storytelling pianist’s own struggles with mental health. By getting these feelings out into the world, they are given a life all their own. You leave the experience changed.
  • The Current Agenda – electro-chamber album on social justice issues. Never one to back away from what moves him, Frank Horvat is set to release his second social justice album on events and issues that have touched him greatly and that continue to affect the world we live in.
  • Me to We

    Me to We – neo-romantic chamber album on love and longing. An utterly emotional exploration of the potency of love. Contemporary yet romantic. With the sweeping violin of Edwin Huizinga, a minimalist piano and the most heartfelt of flute’s. This album takes you on the journey from me to we.
  • Love in 6 Stages, a work where minimalism meets art song and where the two milieus collide in the visceral physicality and psychology of love. – WholeNote Magazine
  • Srul Irving Glick's (1934 – 2002) musical depictions of Jewish life in his Suites Hébraïques are particularly vivid examples of his chamber music. Glick wrote for many other genres, including art song, choral and symphonic music, but these six suites contain much of his very finest work.
  • Over the last fifteen years, Victor Herbiet has composed works in various styles to add new and innovative selections to the classical saxophone repertoire. Whether he draws inspiration from the Argentinian tango, ragtime, French Impressionism, serialism or electronic music, he strives to infuse flow and energy in every piece he creates.
  • A debut recording by the pioneering Symphonova Orchestra, the CD is a celebration of technological innovation in the service of the classical-music heritage.
  • Jim and Paul play Glenn and Ludwig is a jazz album inspired by Glenn Gould’s favourite Beethoven music performed by the Jim Gelcer / Paul Hoffert Trio.
  • Soundspinning calls attention to some of Southam’s rarely heard gems, going back as far as 1963. Virtuosic torrents of notes, 12 tone meditations and monumental, chordal pieces all demonstrate her compositional mastery and creativity.
  • Pommes

    8 short pieces for solo percussion instruments / 8 courtes pièces pour instruments de percussion solo