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Our Generous Supporters

Current as of December 31, 2017. Linked names indicate CMC Associate Composers. Kindly notify us of errors or omissions at 416-961-6601 x301.

Managed by the Ontario Arts Foundation.

  • Norman Burgess Scholarship Fund
  • Toronto Emerging Composer Award
  • Harry Freedman Recording Fund
  • Esther Gelber Development Fund
  • Sherita Bower
  • Judy Byrne
  • Rowennie Cheng
  • Myrna Collins
  • Jean and Phil Davy
  • Karin and John Edson
  • The Granite Club
  • Anthony Higson
  • Elizabeth Kady
  • Claudia Morawetz
  • Barbara Robertson and Bill Knights
  • Sonja Sinclair
  • Beryl Truman
  • Floyd S. Chalmers
  • Joan Chalmers
  • Wallace and Clarice Chalmers
  • Clifford Ford Publications
  • Charles H. Ivey Foundation
  • E. Joanne Mazzoleni
  • Andrea R. Mazzonleni
  • Barbara Pentland
  • E. Clare Piller
  • Katherine L. Smalley
  • Ann Southam
  • Charles H. Ivey Foundation (NTL)
  • Anonymous (BC)
  • Deux Mille Foundation (BC)
  • D-Tech Consulting Inc. (NTL)
  • Julie Glick-Armstrong (NTL)
  • James Harley (NTL, ON)
  • Glenn Hodgins and Ann Monoyios (NTL)
  • Roger D. Moore (ON)
  • Power Corporation of Canada (NTL)
  • Estate of Freda and Godfrey Ridout (NTL)
  • Katherine L. Smalley (NTL)
  • Mary-Margaret Webb Foundation (ON)
  • Daniel Weinzweig (NTL)
  • John Adaskin Fund (OAC) (ON)
  • Estate of Hubert Headley (BC)
  • Jane Coop and George Laverock (BC)
  • The McLean Foundation (ON)
  • William M. Vaisey Arts Foundation (TAC) (ON)
  • John Burge (NTL)
  • Marilyn Nasserden (PR)
  • John Reid (PR)
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