The Frank Horvat Band is pop, poetry and modern expression in a beautifully pained existence. Their soundscapes are enchanting, infectious, and hypnotic. Horvat skillfully sets 22-year-old love poetry from his high school sweetheart to a heady art rock soundtrack. Featuring a collective of artists including Felicity Williams (vocals), Christine Duncan (vocals), Justin Haynes (guitar), Thom Gill (guitar), Joseph Phillips (bass), Frank Horvat (keys, vocals), Michael Davidson (marimba), Jean Martin (percussion).


Felicity Williams, vocals
Christine Duncan, vocals
Frank Horvat, keyboards and vocals
Michael Davidson, marimba
Justin Haynes, guitar
Thom Gill, guitar
Joseph Phillips, bass
Jean Martin, percussion

Track list:

1. As Powder Falls
2. Waiting…in Three Chords
3. Was My Time Worth It?
4. Inspired by the One I Love
5. Sun and Rain
6. The Hurting Game
7. John’s Suggestion
8. Dark to Light
9. This is a Story