Zarzamora Suite is loosely based on five Spanish street names, that figured prominently in my life as a child and young adult in Austin and San Antonio, Texas.
1. Zarzamora: (trans: bramble berry) This piece was inspired by my father’s streetcar memories, my grandmother’s zippy driving and my own experience of learning to drive. Thanks to my sweet sister O.A. for her patience as I scarily rolled her ’62 Valiant backwards down the hilly streets of San Antonio.
2. Dolorosa: (trans: suffering) Even in a blessed life, one experiences family discord, teenage angst, heartbreak and loss. Fortunately, many of these same bittersweet memories can become ingredients for personal and passionate artistic expression. (San Antonio)
3. Mariposa: Level 6 (trans: butterfly) was the Austin street that I lived on while attending university. I like to think that I was tucked away in my cocoon there, struggling, growing and developing into my own version of a butterfly.
4. Brazos: Level 10 (trans: arms) was written for my husband Martin, who I met on a train to Mexico City. (Austin)
5. Guadalupe: Level 10 (Our Lady of Guadalupe) The portion of this street running through the campus of the University of Texas at Austin, is known as the “drag” and is home to a colourful array of students, shops, street vendors, congestion, culture and academia.
Martha Hill Duncan, 2014