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Suites Hébraïques


    Suites Hébraïques

    SKU: CD CMCCD 24817
    Call Number: CD 1773
    Format: Audio CD
    Number of Discs: 2
    Release Date: May 18, 2018
    Duration: 01:33:23
    Label: Centrediscs / Centredisques

    Suites Hébraïques

    Srul Irving Glick

    Srul Irving Glick‘s (1934 – 2002) musical depictions of Jewish life in his Suites Hébraïques are particularly vivid examples of his chamber music. Glick wrote for many other genres, including art song, choral and symphonic music, but these six suites contain much of his very finest work. This recording of a performance of the complete Suites Hébraïques, as presented in 2017 by Syrinx Concerts Toronto, gives us a particularly intimate view of the creative life of Glick, one of Canada’s most prolific composers.

    These six suites were written over a twenty-three year span, beginning in 1961. Glick’s initial impetus was to compose a nostalgic work for his parents, invoking the rich musical culture he experienced at home. His father was a cantor, singing the prayers at synagogue and at home, and as a boy Glick sang in his father’s choir. He notes that, “It was a common occurrence to sing en famille around the kitchen table during the Sabbath or for holiday occasions.”

    “Writing these Suites was a particular pleasure for Srul,” recalls Dorothy Sandler Glick. “The melodies came easily as if they were just waiting for him to lift them out of his soul and dress them in the various colours of his heritage – plaintive, joyous, and always heart-felt. Some of the melodies are recollections of lullabies or cantorial songs he heard as a boy, sung to him by his parents. Most are his own interpretations of the dances, songs without accompaniment, and festival celebrations, each movement representing a different mood or description of some aspect of Jewish life.”

    The six Suites vary in structure, instrumentation and size, and reflect the the respective commissioners, whether soloists or chamber groups. Of the Suite Hébraïque No. 6, Glick wrote that, “It is the only one for violin and piano, and it was intended to complete the cycle and allow the suites to be performed together at a single concert.” And now, for the first time, we have them all collected together in this beautiful recording.

    DISC 1

    Suite Hébraïque No. 1
    1 I. Cantorial Chant 2:58
    2 II. Chasidic Dance 1:17
    3 III. Hora 0:49
    4 IV. Lullaby 2:09
    5 V. Dialogue 1:45
    6 VI. Circle Dance 1:29
    James Campbell (clarinet/clarinette)
    Angela Park (piano)

    Suite Hébraïque No. 2
    7 I. Nigun 2:59
    8 II. Dirge 1:31
    9 III. Chasidic Dance 2:15
    10 IV. Wedding Dance 1:37
    11 V. Prayer 3:26
    12 VI. Hora 2:15
    13 VII. Cantorial Chant 3:14
    14 VIII. Circle Dance 3:10
    James Campbell (clarinet/clarinette)
    Elissa Lee (violin/violon)
    Sharon Wei (viola/alto)
    Cameron Crozman (cello/violoncelle)
    Angela Park (piano)

    Suite Hébraïque No. 3
    15 I. Prayer 3:51
    16 II. David Before the Ark 1:36
    17 III. Cantorial Chant 2:08
    18 IV. Simchat Torah 2:04
    19 V. Song 1:43
    20 VI. Circle Dance 4:37
    Barry Shiffman (violin/violon)
    Elissa Lee (violin/violon)
    Sharon Wei (viola/alto)
    Cameron Crozman (cello/violoncelle)

    DISC 2

    Suite Hébraïque No. 4
    1 I. Allegro Moderato 3:46
    2 II. Nigun 2:25
    3 III. Lullaby 1:55
    4 IV. Wedding Dance 2:35
    5 V. Lament with Cantorial Chant 6:00
    6 VI. Circle Dance 3:16
    Wallace Halladay (saxophone)
    Angela Park (piano)

    Suite Hébraïque No. 5
    7 I. Circle Dance 5:03
    8 II. Prayer and Chasidic Dance 5:44
    9 III. Wedding Dance 5:43
    Susan Hoeppner (flute/flûte)
    James Campbell (clarinet/clarinette)
    Elissa Lee (violin/violon)
    Cameron Crozman (cello/violoncelle)

    Suite Hébraïque No. 6
    10 I. Wedding Dance 5:17
    11 II. Bridal Procession 2:52
    12 III. Hora 3:14
    Barry Shiffman (violin/violon)
    Angela Park (piano)

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