Mario Rodrigue’s piece Tilt won the 1st Prize in the electroacoustic category and the Grand Prize in 7th CBC Young Composer’s Competition (1986), and Cristaux liquides was awarded a Mention at the 19th Bourges International Electroacoustic Music Competition (France, 1991).

« Of the five pieces on this disc, three (Tilt, Qu’est-ce concert? and Fiano Porte) were composed in the studios of Université de Montréal, using standard techniques: recording on tape and varying the speed of playback. In this manner I could construct chords of bells, rolling marbles and other sound objects. Filters permitted the development of these sonorities, adding many colors, many forms to sound palette, and assuring a coherent temporal progression.  »

– Mario Rodrigue, Montreal, March 1994

1. Tilt

2. Cristaux Liquides

3. Qu’est-ce concert?

4. Le voyageur

5. Fiano Porte