« The score for Saxony’ was given to me by James Tenney in 1992 and I’m glad to have finally had the chance to realize it. The rest of the music was composed specifically for this recording, with the exception of The Invention of Solitude which I composed in 1994 for a duo I have with pianist Richie Beirach. Its title is borrowed from the autobiographical book by American novelist Paul Auster, which was a source of inspiration for me at the time. I wish to thank him for writing the book I always thought I would write. ALL the sounds heard on this CD are derived from the saxophone using various processing techniques, in real time as well as in mixing. The saxophones used are (in order of appearance) tenor, baritone and soprano. »

– Henrik Frisk


1. Seth

2. The Key

3. Soliloquy

4. The Invention of Solitude


5. Saxony


6. Virtù

7-10. Suite in Four Parts