Time is Dust is a portrait of John Oliver’s immersive music from 2002 – 2010, a bath of continuous acousmatica with origins in musique concrete & granular synthesis; a trance-trip that shares with ancient music a grounding in a single tonal centre or constant sound. The often very busy surface – some might say a storm – transforms at a paradoxically calm pace, like melting glaciers: a « glacial pace » on the outside, driven by molecular fire inside.

All works composed and mixed by John Oliver

Track Listing:

1. Marimba Dismembered (3:00)
2. Give us Peace (4:52)
3. Just Inference (5:03)
4. Marimba Destruido (12:39)
5. Over the Edge (20:00)
6. Nylong Symphony #2 – Crystal (23:35)