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« TORONTO – A new Black Canadian opera brings to life a story of resilience, amplified by hopeful arias and performers drawing from their own experiences in facing obstacles.

The Tapestry Opera and Obsidian Theatre co-production titled “Of The Sea” is written by Kanika Ambrose and composed by Ian Cusson. It is a story of Black fatherhood and the lengths a parent would go for their child.

Ambrose, a Toronto-based librettist, playwright and screenwriter, says prior to writing “Of The Sea” she didn’t know any operas that were in English.

“Everything I’d seen at the Canadian Opera Company was in some European language,” she said.

She began writing the 90-minute production with Ian Cusson in 2018 as a part of a Tapestry Opera program that pairs composers and librettists to collaborate on projects that can become full commissions of new operas… »