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« As a prominent figure in contemporary classical music, pianist Eve Egoyan has spent the last 30 years expanding the capabilities of the piano as a solo instrument. Her lengthy list of accolades and achievements includes CBC’s list of top 25 Canadian pianists of all time and a discography brimming with premieres. For decades, Egoyan has consistently delivered programs and albums with a clear artistic intention and a refined sonic profile. But even with this prolific output, it is still impossible to find a single label capable of defining her broad range of styles and interests. At present, her performance repertoire is an eclectic mix, spanning from Erik Satie to Ann Southam to her own recent composition inspired by pioneering Armenian musicologist, Komitas Vardapet.

One word that does encompass Egoyan’s work is visionary. Her experimental blend of technology and acoustics reveal her as an artist who is peering beyond the veil of convention, searching for increasingly expressive ways to create at the piano, even in the face of various obstacles. The cumbersome nature of pedals, triggers, projectors, and cords can turn the inclusion of electronics and multimedia into a messy distraction rather than a vehicle for artistic expression. But Egoyan’s masterful execution of these technological elements in performance allows her to elevate her expansive, sonorous playing to almost transcendent heights… »