Hidden Logic was created through a sense of joy and play. Guitarists Andrew Frost and William Beauvais used their many decades of combined experience as a springboard for new invention. At times they continued each other’s thoughts so well they couldn’t remember  who played what. Roles shift continuously as the performers surprise each other with fresh accompanying figures and contrapuntal lines. As the musical conversation grows, sometimes there even seems to be a third party playing along and guiding them.


Quiet playing rewards us with lovely lyricism, drawing the listener in. At other times, as the

resonances stack up, the two instruments merge into a single larger one. Rhythms slap back

and forth and noise is welcomed into the texture, offset by surprising melodies. The mirroring of sounds highlights the conversational nature of the music which brings forth yet another shift in roles. Hidden Logic is a chance to hear two creative spirits and the peak of their power.



Recorded by Alan Bell

Mastered by Alan Bell, William Beauvais and Andrew Frost

Produced by Andrew Frost and William Beauvais

All music performed and co-composed by Andrew Frost and William Beauvais

Cover Photo by Alan Bell,

Cover Design by Andrew Frost

The artists gratefully acknowledge the support of: Hardish Dhaliwal, Elizabeth Baillie, Rod Frost


Alans Golden Hour 6:24 / The Blue Room 5:19 / Colour Field Abstract 4:43 / Untitled 17 4:40 /

Wall Décor 5:48 / Chapel 6:07 / Science and Charity 5:29 / Head of a Woman 4:15

Les Femmes d’Algers 6:11 / Red and Green 4:41 / Woman With a Blue Hat 6:47