1.Sonata, Tristan and Isolde – I. Slowly, but with intensity 02:52
2.Sonata, Tristan and Isolde – II. Allegro 01:33
3.Sonata, Tristan and Isolde – III. Chanson, douce et sauvage 03:45
4.Sonata 1 for Viola and Piano – I. Introduction (calm, with flowing motion) 02:43
5.Sonata 1 for Viola and Piano – II. Allegro bizzaro 03:59
6.Sonata 1 for Viola and Piano – III. Very hushed and slow, presto molto, coda 06:29
7.Six Miniatures for Unaccompanied Viola – Landscape 01:45
8.Six Miniatures for Unaccompanied Viola – Evening 00:44
9.Six Miniatures for Unaccompanied Viola – Conjure You 01:28
10.Six Miniatures for Unaccompanied Viola – For Winter 01:33
11.Six Miniatures for Unaccompanied Viola – A Blessing 01:00
12.Six Miniatures for Unaccompanied Viola – Gifts 01:07
13.Constable and the Spirit of the Clouds 07:13
14.Sarabande 06:11
15.Favour 06:33

Conjuring: Viola Music of David Jaeger

All works composed by David Jaeger, C.M. (b. 1947)

Elizabeth Reid, viola
Alison Bruce Cerutti, piano*

released February 3, 2023

Recorded at CBC Glenn Gould Studio, Toronto, ON, Canada-January 26-28, 2022
Producer: David Jaeger, C.M.
Recording Engineer: Dennis Patterson
Editing: Elizabeth Reid, David Jaeger, C.M.
Mastering: David Jaeger, C.M.
Piano Technician: Marc Decorte
Piano: 9’ New York Steinway D Concert Grand (1968)
Electronics for Constable and Spirit of the Clouds: MacBook Air, Ableton Live Suite 11, Keith McMillen SoftStep 2 USB MIDI Foot Controller, Roland DC-20 Analogue Echo, Morley Mini Volume Pedal
Electronics for Favour: Roland DC-20 Analogue Echo, T.C. Electronics Flashback Delay Pedal, Two Morley Mini Volume Pedals
Electronics for Sarabande: Roland DC-20 Analogue Echo, Morley Mini Volume Pedal
CBC Glenn Gould Studio Technical Producer: Brent Huckfield
CBC Glenn Gould Technical Assistant: Paul Hodge
CBC Glenn Gould Studio Staff: Nicole Janesiwskyj and Anita Adams
Additional Technical Advice: Rose Bolton
CD Art Work and Graphic Design: Cynthia French
Elizabeth Reid Photo: Clare McAfee
David Jaeger, C.M. Photo: Liam Jaeger
Alison Bruce Cerutti Photo: Clare McAfee
All works by David Jaeger are registered with and rights administered by SOCAN.