Described by the Oskar Morawetz Award jurors as a “legend” of Canadian musicians, Christina Petrowska Quilico joins lauded composer and champion of new music David Jaeger on GAMES OF THE NIGHT WIND, a dreamy musical landscape premiering 12 of Jaeger’s original nocturnes in addition to seven 20th century solo piano works.

Each nocturne invokes a different spirit of the night: deception, memory, redemption, realization, and many more, each brought to fruition by Petrowska Quilico’s evocative musicality. Sharp staccato and an increasingly startled momentum drives the image of an encounter with the shadows in Nocturne 11, The Alarm Bell, a weighty contrast to the deep rubato and heaving nostalgia in Nocturne 1, In Memory Of  yet both hail from the same thematic darkness that expands across the entirety of the album. These sensations are ever present in Tōru Takemitsu’s starry Les yeux clos, Alexandre Tansman’s complex and lyrical nocturnes, and two works by Górecki, whose Lullaby sings GAMES OF THE NIGHT WIND off to sleep.

GAMES OF THE NIGHT WIND plays to the unfettered wildness of the night, a force of nature encapsulated in every aspect of Petrowska Quilico and Jaeger’s musical and poetic collaboration, an elegant exploration for the night owl in us all.

1 Les Yeux Clos Tōru Takemitsu 7:26
2 Nocturne No. 1 – In Memory Of David Jaeger 2:52
3 Nocturne No. 2 – A Blessing David Jaeger 2:34
4 Nocturne No. 3 – Tumult David Jaeger 2:29
5 Nocturne No. 4 – The Murmur David Jaeger 4:48
6 Nocturne No. 1 – Moderato Alexandre Tansman 2:06
7 Nocturne No. 2 – Moderato Alexandre Tansman 1:53
8 Nocturne No. 3 – Moderato Alexandre Tansman 2:10
9 Nocturne No. 4 – Lento Alexandre Tansman 1:26
10 Nocturne No. 5 – The Holes of Night David Jaeger 2:14
11 Nocturne No. 6 – Forget the Day David Jaeger 3:21
12 Nocturne No. 7 – The Red Deer David Jaeger 1:51
13 Nocturne No. 8 – The House and You David Jaeger 1:57
14 Intermezzo Henryk Górecki 2:36
15 Nocturne No. 9 – Lament for the People of Ukraine David Jaeger 2:37
16 Nocturne No. 10 – Games of the Night Wind David Jaeger 4:09
17 Nocturne No. 11 – The Alarm Bell David Jaeger 1:54
18 Nocturne No. 12 – Conjure You David Jaeger 6:17
19 Lullaby (Kolysanka) Henryk Górecki 3:11