1. Ice Creek 08:18
2.Forest Ephemerals 01:58
3.Violet 02:55
4.Trout Lily 02:40
5.Trillium 04:48
6.Jack-In-The-Pulpit 03:35
7.Perennial Ephemerals 01:27
8.Ice Creek High 04:26
9.As Trees Grow 20:25
10.Ice Creek Low 04:56


As you listen to this album from start to finish, a blissful feeling will emerge, as with forest bathing or any activity that helps you connect with the elements of water and earth… The listener participates fully in this multi-sensory experience of recording, composing, and performing, in a moment that transcends time and merges the past with the present. You are invited to join an open-ended journey through budding fruit trees, wildflowers, and hidden creeks.

Valentina Bertolani, musicologist

Farpoint Recordings & Ars Subtilior are delighted to announce the release of As Trees Grow by Gayle Young. Microtonal recordings of frozen waterfalls, truffle mycelia, fruiting trees in Umbria, ephemeral spring wildflowers in Canada: join us on a journey across a rich tapestry of music for piano and electronics by the radical Canadian composer, instrument designer and sound artist Gayle Young.

Xenia Pestova Bennett presents a triptych of piano works by Young.

Collaboration is at the heart of this recording. As Trees Grow was composed during a residency at the Civitella Ranieri Foundation in 2014, where Young met fellow resident composer Ed Bennett and pianist Xenia Pestova Bennett. This fateful meeting resulted in Pestova Bennett’s premiere of As Trees Grow at Café Oto… more
released April 6, 2022

Xenia Pestova Bennett, piano
Ed Bennett, live electronics

All compositions by Gayle Young
Produced by Xenia Pestova Bennett and Ed Bennett
Executive Producer, William Blakeney for Ars Subtilior

Ars Subtilior is a Canadian production company formed in 2020 by William Blakeney. The label features electro acoustic releases by leading Canadian composers, many of whom have been featured in MusicWorks magazine.
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