Note from the composer

This is what I call my ‘Covid’ project as the recordings were made whenever the opportunity arose that the conductor, producer, and orchestra, were available, and the Austria/Slovakia border was open. The recording of the « Orpheus » suite had been made earlier when time at a previous session became available. The editing was done in Vienna by Señor Hernando Rico, the recording’s overall producer, with the help of Maestro Armoré and an excellent job they made of it. The Bratislava Symphony Orchestra was a joy to work with, highly professional with excellent players, a friendly atmosphere, and a recording studio that provided first-rate sound.

« Lady Jane », the overture to which is on this CD, was staged in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria last August as part of an evening of new dance which also included a rather dramatic take by the choreographer on « Salomé Dances », also on the CD. The video of it can be found on Youtube where it has clocked up 300,000 views.

– John Robertson


Overture for a musical comedy Op. 15             [9:34]
Salomé Dances Op. 32                                         [8:42]
Cyrano Op. 53                                                       [11:09]
The Death of Crowe Op. 30                                [11:00]
Lady Jane – a fable Op. 66 Overture                [3:59]
Orpheus – a masque Op. 64 – I                           [3:14]
II                                [6:24]
III                               [4:13]
IV                                 [5:11]
V                                   [5:25]
VI                                 [6:34]