A Gossamer Bit
featuring composer Allison Cameron
performed by Contact

Record of the year in The Wire (UK) top 50 recordings of 2015.

« One of the wave of dynamic new Canadian composers’… ‘A Gossamer Bit spans
jazz and minimalist music, betraying Cameron’s shared roots in composition
and improvisation.’ – 2015 Rewind, The Wire, UK

Juian Cowley on Modern Composition: top 10 recordings from 2015, The Wire,

« Toronto based composer Allison Cameron views the four pieces on A Gossamer
Bit as palimpsests: they resemble manuscripts which have been written over,
while leaving earlier, incompletely erased texts partially legible. As that
metaphor suggests, Cameron is concerned not only with the aesthetic
experience of music but also with the work performed on its material. On this
release, as befits a former student of Louis Andreissen and James Tenney, she
makes hands-on creative use of the fact that exploratory music has a
history. » – Julian Cowley, The Wire UK – Issue #38.

« a lovely forty-five minutes of melancholy. » – Kurt Gottshalk, Musicworks
Magaine, issue #123.

Nicholai Bobas, double bass,voice
Mary-Katherine Finch, cello
Sarah Fraser Raff violin
Wallace Halladay, soprano saxophone
Rob MacDonald, electric guitar, harmonica
Jerry Pergolesi, vibraphone, prepared vibraphone, drum kit, harmonica, voice
Allison Wiebe Benstead, piano, harmonica)
Dean Kurtis-Pomeroy, percussion, toy piano
Stephen Tam, piccolo

Recorded at: 6 Nassau, Toronto. Recording Engineer: Jeff McMurrich
Produced and mixed by Jeff McMurrich, Allison Cameron and Jerry Pergolesi
Mastered by Fedge
Design: Digital Media Group
Photos: Allison Cameron

Track Listing:

1. 3rds, 4ths & 5ths (7:20)
2. Gossamer Bit (Ives Hymn) (10:23)
3. In Memoriam Robert Ashley (16:15)
4. D.I.Y. Fly (13:13)