Chevalier de Lorimer

Both the composer and the librettist agreed to delve into Quebec’s history to find the story and characters for their opera. Chevalier de Lorimier is one of the most interesting figures from the period of the Troubles of 1837-1838. A man who was by nature generous, chivalrous and sincere, this tragic hero’s fate and that of his dear Henriette were exemplary and worthy of being remembered by their compatriots and those who had never heard of them.

Five Quebec Melodies

These melodies are written in the tradition of the French art song, in which the text remains important and in which the melody is at the service of the poetry.

CD 1:

Chevalier de Lorimier

1. Prologue

2-10. Premier acte / Act one

CD 2:

Chevalier de Lorimier

1-6. Deuxième acte / Act two

7. Epilogue

8-12. Cinq Mélodies québécoices