« Vers le Soleil (towards the sun): because of the inclusion of the Gregorian chant « Alleluia of the Resurrection »: with altered intervals but respecting the melodic designs and rhythms; because of the music itself which, like certain flowers, is sensitive to solar rhythm and trajectory. I think especially of blue chicory which imitates the gesture of the sun, the form of the stars, the colour of the sky. »

– Gilles Tremblay

« Musigny is the best wine of the commune of Chambolle-Musigny and one of the great red wines of Burgundy. I leave any relationship between the wine and my music to the imagination of the listener. In any case the current cost of a bottle of Musigny makes it a wine for millionaires. The ordinary mortal can only dream about it in words or music. »

– Bruce Mather


1. Vers le Soleil


2. Musigny