The Concerto pour trompette et petit orchestre. Op. 43 was commissioned by the CBC. Hétu describes the work as a « simple, uncomplicated, happy work. Nothing dramatic happens; the brilliant sonority of the trumpet stands out from the string orchestra, but I don’t use fanfares and the like; the solo instrument is treated lyrically and expressively. »

Malcolm Forsyth’s Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra was commissioned by the CBC for the Montreal Symphony Orchestra. According to the composer, « The four movements are played without interruption and present a constantly evolving series of events germinating from a tetrachord, a set of four notes, which is heard at the outset, played by the soloist. »

About his Trumpet Concerto, Phil Nimmons says, « When I wrote this Concerto, the music flowed like an improvised jazz solo. And you may hear jazz influences in it. I’d be surprised if you didn’t, since I’ve spent so much of my life working in jazz. But it’s not jazz nor is it necessarily ‘third stream’. It simply reflects my own personality. »


1-3. Concerto pour trompette et petit orchestre, Op. 43


4-7. Concerto for Trumpet & Orchestra


8-10. Concerto for Trumpet & Orchestra