Recorded June 4/5, 1979.

« When man first began mumbling and mouthing his way toward his chosen stars he kept in touch with himself, with his past and with the world that gave him birth by telling stories. In the beginning these were composed entirely of sound (for words were still clumsy, ineffective things) and today some of the best of the story tellers still work with sound… these are the true music makers, and Phil Nimmons is such a one. The stories his music tells need no words to lean upon… so why am I, a word-smith, writing these notes? It is because I am so delighted by the images Nimmons conjures up in The Atlantic Suite that I couldn’t resist the impulse to tell others what I had seen, smelled, felt and heard in them. » -Farley Mowat, 1975

CD 1: The Atlantic Suite

1. Harbours

2. Islands

3. Tides

4. Horizons

5. The Dorian Way

6. Suite P.E.I

7. St. Pierre et Miquelon

CD 2: Tributes

1. Think Nice Thoughts

2. Do I Know You

3. Birdburger

4. Ros

5. Bubble Trouble

6. Eee-Sauve

7. Friends Departed