Artistic and musical exploration by its very nature must extend conventional boundaries; it must challenge the mind, the ears, the heart. Sound Reflections Volume 1: Off the Shelf is a collection of Canadian piano music that extends conventional boundaries and includes a DVD to provide context and practical demonstration of physical, notational and interpretive aspects of this type of repertoire. Live and studio performances give the viewer the benefit of seeing the physical motions in play and of commentary regarding interpretation and technique. It was made possible by funding from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts and the Edmonton Arts Council. It is dedicated to the life and influence of a brilliant musical artist, Mr. Udo Kasemets (1919-2014).

Sandra Joy Friesen is a pianist with a broad range of repertoire and musical interests, from traditional to contemporary, to interpretation of pictorial scores and inter-disciplinary collaboration. As a music educator since 1992, Sandra Joy has investigated the developments in piano techniques, styles and aesthetics from the past century and has dedicated a large part of her career to lecture-recitals, presentations and workshops on contemporary music.


1. Fantasy for pianoforte (1947) 6:44
Violet Archer

2. – 6. Five Extensions Op. 21 (1968) 11:33
John Fodi

7. – 12. Six Preludes Op. 30 (1952) 7:08
Udo Kasemets

13. – 15. Transplants, for prepared piano (2005) 8:12
Scott Smallwood

16. A Long Time Ago in the Future (1986, rev. 1997) 11:35
Mary Gardiner

17. – 40. Impromptus (1973) 10:30
John Weinzweig

41. Traçantes…auprès, au loin… (1976) 7:37


0. Introduction

1. John Fodi – Five Extensions Op. 21

2. Scott Smallwood – Transplants

3. Mary Gardiner – A Long Time Ago In The Future

4. John Weinzweig – Impromptus

5. Gilles Tremblay – Traçantes…auprès, au loin…

Sandra Joy Friesen, piano