Ann Southam has always been a unique artist, one who found her own way and never worried about « schools » or « movements » in composition. She is not without her influences, however, and the music represented on this new CBC Records disc explores music from earlier compositional periods which have been described as « lyrical atonalism » to later works which are in a minimalist style, showing the influences of the American minimalists, Philip Glass, Steve Reich and Terry Riley. As well, the music ranges from orchestral, to solo, to chamber, offering the listener a wonderful and varied overview of Ann’s unique compositional style.

« These are relatively consonant, unassuming pieces, transparent without being simplistic…Her [Southam’s] art is that of making the mundane sound special. »
– Elissa Poole, Opus

1. Webster’s Spin

2. Song of the Varied Thrush

3. Quintet for Piano and Strings

4. In a Measure of Time

5. Remembering Schubert

6. Glass Houses No.9