Holzkopf, Jon Vaughn, Max Haiven, and now Coin Gutter… A new strain of musique concrète is currently taking off in Western Canada and the Prairies. Much like their fellow landscape painters from the last century, these composers, improcomposers, recomposers answer reverently to the call of rock and soil. This respect of elements echoes that of Vancouver-based composer Kevin M Krebs (833-45), and the sound ecologists before him. But this West-Canadian “new wave” (or “new land” as we may more appropriately term it) is fertile of a veritable collective conscience, which deploys itself, respective to each artist, in the form of varied themes and concepts.

1. lift with the knees

2. lullaby

3. terminal

4. no5

5. solitaire

6. timewise

7. tlia3ml

8. scission

9. southern yukon / northern bc (and perhaps parts of alaska)