Deeply influenced by cinema in his creative output, Yves Daoust essentially composes « program music » works, further defining his music as « figuratve »: generous use of natural sounds, news elements and an immoderate use of quotations.

« The five pieces presented here share a common source of inspiration: the repertoire of western classical music. Each work ‘stages’ a particular moment of music history, using a specific instument. Four of the works presented here form a series: four works for solo performer and tape, on the theme of solitude, realized from recuperated fragments of the repertoire, of its harmony, of each instrument’s idiosyncrasies. A suite of tableaux, of sound dramas, featuring the performer interpreting his or her own role. »

Yves Daoust, June 1991

1. Suite Baroque: Toccata

2. Petite musique sentimentale

3. Suite Baroque: Qu’ai-je entendu?

4. Adagio

5. Suite Baroque: Les Agrémens

6. L’Entrevue

7. Suite Baroque: L’Extase

8. Quatuor