Estonian-born (1919), Canadian-naturalized composer Udo Kasemets was a pupil of Hermann Scherchen and Ernst Krenek during his studies in Stuttgart and Darmstadt, and took from them a healthy eclecticism and questioning of conventions. Symbolically, these scores for solo piano can be seen as Kasemets’ equivalent of architectural drawing, focusing on specific designs of micro-detail with an intimacy of expression that suggests his vision of an « open and unknowable horizon » on the path towards discovering « the universal concepts embracing all life, not just music. »

– Art Lange

Recorded / Enregistré: 26-28 Nov. 1996, Banff Centre for the Arts, Alberta, Canada

1. Timepiece version I

2. Tangovariables on the word TANGO

3. Timepiece version II

4. 3/7 D’un Morceau en Forme de Poire

5. Feigenbaum Cascades

6. Pythagoras Tree

7. Music of the First Eleven Primes