Icicle Blue Avalanche rolls over the listener with extraordinary, sculpted sounds. The collection features both electroacoustic studio works and solo electric/MIDI guitar and live electronics.

What the critics say:

« Earsay hits a new high with John Oliver’s Icicle Blue Avalanche, one of the most viscerally dramatic discs I’ve heard in quite a while…huge slabs of extremely solid music. »


« Repeated listening…reveals some limpid melodic lines floating above unusual harmonic progressions, and occasional touches of humour. »
The Georgia Straight

« …shimmering bells of guitar, softly growling guitar. »

« John Oliver’s Icicle Blue Avalanche proves true to his concept of « immersive music. » He accomplishes this through a collage of musical approaches, the results being a kind of melodic dissonance and, at other times, ambient dissonance. The guitar playing is excellent and perfectly complemented by the atmospheric drones, bass and other tones. »
– Paul A. Toth, Violent Contradiction

1. Icicle Blue Avalanche

2. Copper Flying

3. Off the Edge

4. Second Nature

5. Noh 1

6. InDia