The Quebec-based group Bradyworks offers up a program of three major works of
R. Murray Schafer for solo performers. Soprano Annie Tremblay gives voice to Music for the Morning of the World with 4-channel tape accompaniment, Tim Brady arranges Schafer’s Le Cri de Merlin for electric guitar, and Brigitte Poulin provides the world premiere recording of the Deluxe Suite for Piano.

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« Schafer is an icon of the Canadian landscape and I cannot imagine a single Canadian artist who has not been influenced by his vision. His music should be required listening for all Canadian! »
– Tiina Kiik, Wholenote

« R. Murray Schafer’s output spans a wide range of styles. This record captures his breadth with just three virtuoso pieces…The whole disc sounds terrific. »

– Ian Quinn, American Record Guide


1. Music for the Morning of the World

2. Le Cri de Merlin

3. Deluxe Suite for Piano


This DVD video/audio is a 24 bit, 48Khz mix of the included CD. Includes both Surround 5.1 and stereo listening experience.


Annie Trembly (soprano); Tim Brady (electric guitar/guitare électrique); Brigitte Poulin (piano).