« … Between the Shore and the Ships… the Grand-Pré Recordings » started as a Canadian Music Centre ‘New Music in New Places’ event. Eight Nova Scotian composers were selected to compose new works for soprano, Helen Pridmore, and clarinettist, Wesley Ferreira. The historic texts were gathered from the Grand-Pré National Historical Site of Canada located in Grand-Pré, Nova Scotia just outside Wolfville. These texts dealt with the deportation of the Acadians from the Acadian settlement which occurred between 1755 and 1762. The first performance of the new works was held at Grand-Pré National Historical Site of Canada as the opening concert for the « Shattering the Silence New Music Festival » in 2010.


1. Blizzard 3:58
Derek Charke

2. …between the shore and the ships…4:56
Derek Charke

Steven Naylor

4. L’Acadie Opus 638:03
Michael Parker

5. Mouvance 8:05
Jérôme Blais

6. La Victoire 4:29
Scott Macmillan

7. The Dykes of Acadie 5:44
Robert Bauer

8. In Autumn6:09
John Abram

9.Tout Passe 3:52
Sandy Moore


Helen Pridmore
Wesley Ferreira


« Singer Pridmore is fearless faced with repeated demands for expressive vowelizations entwining with a clarinet accompaniment… » – Max Christie, The Wholenote

« […] an impressive contribution to new and experimental music. Although the result is nine compositions by eight composers, the disc is remarkably coherent because of the subject matter and the emotionally loaded content of the texts. There is also a strong sense of time and place since the disc as a whole deals with a historically significant moment of regional and national importance. […] Helen Pridmore’s presence on both discs makes the contrast between them strikingly impressive. Her performances of new and experimental music on Janet show strong character and charisma in settings that require not only her interpretation, but her creative contributions as well. Between the Shore and the Ships, by contrast, shows a remarkable sensitivity and blend both from her and from clarinetist Wesley Ferreira in intimate acoustic settings. These are convincing performances of imaginative compositions that affirm the region’s strong sense of identity. » – J. Drew Stephen, CAML Review