‘Janet ‘ is a CD of works highlighting the solo voice — unusual in that there is no piano accompaniment, as there so often is with vocal music. All works on the CD were written specifically for Helen Pridmore, so the composers worked closely together with Helen to create a unique body of work. The works highlight unusual aspects of the voice — going beyond pure vocal beauty to explore extended techniques, sounds of nature. Open your ears!

1. Social Sounds from Whales at Night (2007) 8:57
Emily Doolittle

2. Janet (2010) 11:56
Martin Arnold

3. Helen Pridmore Sings, and Sings and Sings! (2006) 16:41
Ian Crutchley

4. Is It Because? (2001) 8:59
WL Altman

Helen Pridmore


« Its great strength is a closer than usual collaboration between an extraordinary performer and her chosen composers. […] Clearly, the composers have all been attracted to Pridmore’s unique skill set and manner of working. The resulting music takes full advantage of her attractive and flexible voice, impressively extended technical and stylistic range and – perhaps most important of all – adventuresome spirit. » Nic Gotham, The Wholenote.

« Helen Pridmore’s presence on both discs makes the contrast between them strikingly impressive. Her performances of new and experimental music on Janet show strong character and charisma in settings that require not only her interpretation, but her creative contributions as well. Between the Shore and the Ships, by contrast, shows a remarkable sensitivity and blend both from her and from clarinetist Wesley Ferreira in intimate acoustic settings. These are convincing performances of imaginative compositions that affirm the region’s strong sense of identity. » – J. Drew Stephen, CAML Review