This is the second recording of Hope Lee and David Eagle together, presenting their most significant works from the last two decades. In genre, the compositions range from chamber to chamber with electroacoustic components, and explore an idiom in which current technology is an essential part of the artistic endeavour. Conceptually, they draw upon influences from the music traditions of the east and west, and present a theme common to all of the works: the presence of cycles in nature and life.

« The sound quality and performances on this recording are as brilliant, detailed and nuanced as the composing. A grown-up recording for the grown-up musical palate. »

– Dawna Coleman, The Music Scene

« The phrase « Renew’d at ev’ry glance » works as a title for this album that mingles the work of two composers because the details and the shape of the music here, so carefully made and artfully assembled, reward repeated listening with pleasure and insight. »

– Stanley Fefferman, Showtime Magazine


1. Renew’d at ev’ry glance


2. Fei Yang


3. Breath


4. Voices in Time


Banff Centre Ensemble
Theirry Pécou (conductor/chef d’orchestre)
Joseph Macerollo (accordion)
Accordes String Quartet
New Music Concerts Ensemble
Robert Aitken (conductor/chef d’orchestre)