In 1982, Canadian composer Stephen Chatman began composing choral music influenced by various traditional musical styles. These secular and sacred choral works embraced a predominantly pan-diatonic tonal language, lyricism, melody, folk song, and more traditional musical gestures, forms, and compositional techniques. In Due East, the composer continues to pursue his choral visions, and provides a great companion disc to his two previous choral recordings, Due North and Due West.

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1-4 Due East

5. Elves’ Bells

6-7. How Sweet and Fair

8-9. Nature Songs I

10-12. Nature Songs II

13. Unseen Buds

14. Musica, Dei Donum Optimi

15. A Magical Machine

16-18. Voices of Earth

19-22. Time Pieces

23. Seattle Red


Maria Mayson (contralto)
Jeanette Jonquil (clarinet/clarinette)
Joan Blackman (violin/violon)
Linda Lee Thomas (piano)
Emily Cheung (soprano)
Natasha Neufeld (soprano)
Gordon Crozier (tenor)
Lorraine Reinhhardt (soprano)