This is the exciting debut recording from the young Quebec composer Nicole Lizée. A former member of the band The Besnard Lakes, Lizée also has become known for her works for large ensemble and solo turntablist, featuring scratch DJ techniques fully notated and integrated into a concert music setting. She moves among different musical idioms, integrating the sounds of jazz and popular music within a contemporary classical framework. The title work, This Will Not Be Televised, was voted one of the top ten best compositions at the 2008 International Rostrum of Composers.

« This CD does such a genuine job in celebrating jazz music, improvisation, pop music, contemporary music and everything in between. Lizée’s music clearly reflects the many identities of Canadians, and the next generation of its composers. Her fearless approach is engaging and I highly recommend raising children on this music… »
– Richard Marsella, Wholenote Magazine

« An exploration into the world of turntablism and its integration into a concert music setting. Pitch based manipulation are used to create melodies that are accompanied and embelished by a live ensemble of musicians. In the first track, for example, you’re going to hear selections from « C.R.E.A.M. » and « Can It Be That It Was All So Simple » by Wu-Tang Clan suddenly materialize and disappear before you know it. To make the experience even more intense, vocal and guitar samples from Van Halen are cut into the mix. Did I mention this all occurs within the first 10 minutes of the first track? »
– CJAM Music Review, « Most Highly Recommended »

« Quebec composer Nicole Lizée is a pioneer in reconciling turntablism and classical music, and beyond that shotgun marriage, she betrays a rich imagination and appreciation of the lowbrow and pop. »
– Rupert Bottenberg, Montreal Mirror


Nicole Lizée’s Jupiter Moon Menace – the video

Ben Reimer performs Part 1 of Ringer by Nicole Lizée

Ben Reimer performs Part 2 of Ringer by Nicole Lizée

Toca Loca performs Promises, Promises by Nicole Lizée

1. This Will Not Be Televised

2. RPM

3. Girl, You’re Living a Life of Crime

4. Carpal Tunnels

5. Jupiter Moon Menace

6. Télévision


Paolo Kapunan (turntables/tourne-disque)
Members of/membres de Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra
Rei Hotoda (conductor/chef d’orchestre)
Canadian Chamber Ensemble
Daniel Warren (conductor/chef d’orchestre)
Steve Raegele (guitar/guitare)
Alexandre Grogg (rhodes)
Shawn Mativetsky (vibraphone)
Miles Perkin (double bass/contrebasse)
Ben Reimer (drum kit/batterie)
Erik Hove (alto saxophone/saxophone alto)
Steve Raegele (guitar/guitare)
Alexandre Grogg (rhodes)
Miles Perkin (double bass/contrebasse)
Ben Reimer (drum kit/batterie)
Erik Hove (alto saxophone/saxophone alto)