Winner – 2009 East Coast Music Awards for « Classical Recording of the Year »

Winner – 2008 Western Canadian Music Award for « Outstanding Classical Recording »

This new recording features the complete works for violin and piano by one of Canada’s foremost composers Oskar Morawetz, including the world premiere of a recently discovered late work A Child’s Cry from Izieu. « Recording the music of Oskar Morawetz has been a goal of mine for many years, » says award-winning violinist Jasper Wood, « Looking back [to my youth] I realize that learning the music of Morawetz was a pivotal point in my musical development. »

« The performances from Wood and Riley are of a very high standard, full of drama and expressiveness. Wood especially is to be applauded for his devotion to contemporary Canadian music. He throws himself into these performances and makes this a very exciting and passionate recording. »
– Larry Beckwith, Wholenote

« Generally dark and dissonant in textures, [these works] leave room for haunting melodies that scream as much as they breathe. Jasper Wood has a velvety, non-aggressive tone that can still convey violence as well as humour, which isn’t a luxury in this demanding repertoire. »
– René Bricault, La Scena Musicale

« Written over the course of 40 years, these pieces are quite consistent in quality and character: serious, thoughtful, well-made, modern-romantic, informed by deep but never excessive emotion…I find these pieces more satisfying each time I hear them. »
– Mark Lehman, American Record Guide

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1. Sonata No. 1 for Violin and Piano

2. A Child’s Cry from Izieu *

3. Sonata No. 2 for Violin and Piano

4. Duo for Violin and Piano

5. Sonata No. 3 for Violin and Piano

* This work was nominated for a 2008 JUNO: Classical Composition of the Year.

Cette oeuvre a été nominée pour un JUNO 2008: Meilleur composition classique.