From Triton’s creation of the isle of Thera to the Pythian Games at Delphi, Andrew Paul MacDonald’s works draw heavily on Greek history and mythology for their inspiration. Dramatic yet lyrical, MacDonald’s compositions on this CD draw the listener into imaginative, yet non-programmatic, musical narratives. This recording makes a great companion to his previous Centrediscs’ title The Great Square of Pegasus which also draws inspiration from the Greek ethos.

1-3. The Winds of Thera

4. Primavera (after Botticelli)

5. Hymenaeus

6-10. Pythikos nomos


Joseph Petric (accordion/accordéon)
Penderecki String Quartet: Jeremy Bell and Jerzy Kaplanek (violins/violons); Christin Vlajk (viola/alto); Simon Fryer (cello/violoncelle)
Normand Forget (oboe/hautbois, english horn/cor anglais, and/et oboe d’amore)
Jeremy Bell (violin/violon); Christine Vlajk (viola/alto)