How Bodies Leave Ecstatic Marks features the music of Canadian creator Elizabeth Raum who enjoys a reputation of being one of Canada’s most accessible composers, writing for a variety of media in remarkably diverse styles. She is often referred to as a « performer’s composer », and has written for some of the world’s finest artists.

« …a creator whose work I have always admired for its intricate detail, tonal accessibility and musical wit…This release features an excellent cross-section of her prolific output. »
– Tina Kiik, Wholenote

1-4. Baroque Suite

5-11. Dark Thoughts *

12. Prayer and Dance of Praise

13-14. Duet and Burlesque

* poetry by / poésie de Betsy Warland

* This work won for a 2008 Western Canadian Music Award: « Outstanding Classical Composition »

Cette oeuvre a été gagné pour un 2008 Western Canadian Music Award: « Meilleur composition classique »


Contrasts Trio: Eduard Minevich (violin/violon); Pauline Minevich (clarinet/clarinette); David McIntyre (piano)