As a composer, Melissa Hui strives to compose works with honesty, often of simple intimacy, that speak to the heart. The aesthetic and stylistic sensibilities of world music cultures inform the music that she creates. The works on this disc represent a slice of Hui’s creative output from 1990 to 2002.

« To my ear, the over-riding musical signature of this composer is steady-handed, mature; an altogether distinctive musical voice. »

– Andrew Timar, Wholenote

1. Lacrymosa

2-4. From Dusk to Dawn

5-7. One Voice

8. And blue sparks burn

9. Come as you are

10. When soft voices die

11-15. Changes


Aline Kutan (soprano); Max Christie (clarinet/clarinette); Lydia Wong (piano)
Chamber ensemble / Ensemble de chamber; Gary Kulesha (conductor/chef d’ensemble)
Patricia Monson (flute/flûte)
Marie Bérard (violin/violon); Lydia Wong (piano)
Lu Fang (pipa); Chamber ensemble/Ensemble de chambre; Gary Kulesha (conductor/chef d’ensemble)
Lydia Wong (piano)
Peter Pvlovsky (contrabass.contrebasse); Chamber ensemble / Ensemble de chambre; Gary Kulesha (conductor / chef d’ensemble)