This recording is part of the Centrediscs’ Canadian Composers Portraits series which documents the emergence of a generation of pioneering professional composers who firmly established Canada’s place on the world’s musical map. Each release in this retrospective of the last fifty years is dedicated to a single composer and uniquely combines full-length documentaries on the composers’ lives and music, as well as a selection of their most important works.

Best Canadian Music Recording

– 2005 Opus Magazine Record Awards

« Like most 20th Century composers…Cherney spent his early years steeped in experimental technique. Though these experiences pepper his style, he actually prefers to reach further back, incorporating methods from the Renaissance, Classical and Late Romantic periods. He mixes these with the spatial sound of Takemitsu, the tender approach of Vaughan Williams and the subdued restlessness of Debussy. The result: gorgeous, timeless music. »
– Dave Madden, Splendid

« Here, on two CDs, is as fine a portal into the mind and music of a modern composer as you are likely to find anywhere. »

– Robert Markow, Opus Magazine


Cherney documentary produced by Hele Montagna and Eitan Cornfield / Documentaire sur Cherney produit par Hele Montagna et Eitan Cornfield

CD 2

1-6. Like Ghosts from an Enchanter Fleeing

7. String Quartet No. 3

8. In the Stillness of September 1942

9. La Princesse lointaine

World premiere recordings / Créations mondiales

View the English transcription of the documentary.

Voir la traduction française de la transcription du documentaire.

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Antonio Lysy (cello/violoncello); Rena Sharon (piano)
Lloyd Carr-Harris Quartet: Emmanyel Vukovich & Aya Ito (violins/violons); Frédéric Lambert (viola); Hannah Addario-Berry (cello)
Cary Ebli (English horn/cor anglais); Members of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra; Jukka-Pekka Saraste (conductor/chef d’orchestre)
Judy Loman (harp/harpe); Cary Ebli (English horn/cor anglais); Toronto Symphony Orchestra; Christorpher Seaman (conductor.chef d’orchestre)