The Canadian Music Centre’s recording label Centrediscs releases an important tribute double-CD to one of Canada’s and Latvia’s foremost composers, Talivaldis Kenins. Featuring an hour-long in-depth documentary that traces Kenins’ life and works, producer Eitan Cornfield captures both the passion and tragedy in the composer’s life, and interviews such personnages as Edgar Kariks, pianist Arthur Ozolins and Kenins’ biographer Ingida Zemzare.

Four of Kenins major musical works are also included in the CD package and are taken from archival recordings which have been spectacularly re-mastered to present-day digital standards. Two of Kenins works are particularly worthy: the virtuosic Piano Sonata No.1 performed by the great pianist Arthur Ozolins, and the ground-breaking Symphony No.4 which to this day remains one of the most exciting and refreshing orchestral works in the Canadian repertoire.


Indulis Suna performs Chacone for Solo Violin by Talivaldis Kenins

CD 1

Kenins documentary produced and presented by Eitan Cornfield

Documentaire sur Kenins produit et présenté par Eitan Cornfield

CD 2

1-3. Septuor

4-6. Piano Sonata No. 1

7-9 Quintet

10-11. Symphony No. 4

View the English transcription of the documentary.

Voir la traduction française de la transcription du documentaire.

We acknowledge the financial support of the Department of Canadian Heritage.

Nous reconnaissons l’appui financier du ministère du Patrimoine canadien.


Toronto Repertory Ensemble; Milton Barnes (conductor / chef d’orchestre)
Arthur Ozolins (piano)
William Aide (piano), Cynthia Steljes (oboe / hautbois); Gwillym Williams (clarinet / clarinette); Harcus Hennigar (horn / cor); Gerald Robinson (bassoon / basson)
CBC Chamber Orchestra; John Avison (conductor / chef d’orchestre)