This recording is part of the Centrediscs’ Canadian Composers Portraits series which documents the emergence of a generation of pioneering professional composers who firmly established Canada’s place on the world’s musical map. Each release in this retrospective of the last fifty years is dedicated to a single composer and uniquely combines full-length documentaries on the composers’ lives and music, as well as a selection of their most important works.

« The audio CDs present a rich selection of music covering a variety of genres…The performances are of a uniformly high quality. »

– J. Drew Stephen, CAML Review

CD 1:

Pentland documentary produced and presented by Eitan Cornfield

Documentaire sur Pentland produit et présenté par Eitan Cornfield

CD 2:

1-3. Concerto for Piano and String Orchestra

4-6. Symphony for Ten Parts

7. Shadows – Ombres

8-11. String Quartet No.3

12-13. Two Sung Songs

CD 3:

1. Interplay

2. Eventa*

3. Vincula

4. Tides*

5. Horizons*

*World premiere recording / Création mondiale

View the English transcription of the documentary.

Voir la traduction française de la transcription du documentaire.

We acknowledge the financial support of the Department of Canadian Heritage.
Nous reconnaissons l’appui financier du ministère du Patrimoine canadien.


Mario Bernardi (piano); CBC Symphony Orchestra; Victor Feldbrill (conductor / chef d’orchestre)
Chamber Ensemble of the / de Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra; Victor Feldbrill (conductor / chef d’orchestre)
Barbara Pentland (piano)
Purcell String Quartet: Norman Nelson & Raymond Ovens (violins / violons); Philippe Etter (viola / alto); Ian Hampton (cello / violoncelle).
Phyllis Mailing (mezzo-soprano); William Aide (piano)
Joseph Marcerollo (accordion / accordéon); Purcell String Quartet
Vancouver New Music Ensemble; Owen Underhill (conductor / chef d’orchestre)
Dr. Andrea Stoneman (piano)
Victor Costanzi (violin / violon); Erica Goodman (harp / harpe); Salvador Ferreras (marimba)
Robert Rogers (piano).