Centrediscs’ very first compact disc release became an overnight sensation as it showcased the virtuosity of a brilliant young peformer, Beverley Johnston. A tour de force of percussion and electroacoustic music, the disc was often used by stereo component stores to demo new hi-fi lines because of the high audiophile quality of the recording.

Ten years later the disc is still one of Centrediscs’ best sellers.

« The brilliance and clarity of the sound through ear-stretching tonal and dynamic ranges should send devotees of CDs into raptures. » – John Kraglund, The Globe and Mail

« Canada’s Centrediscs label has decided to move into the CD arena, and they are doing it in a big way with the release of this sonic stunner. » – John Ditsky, Fanfare

« This is beautiful, seductive and provocative music. » – Michael Chocholak, Option

« This beautifully recorded disc makes a strong case for the expressive and technical abilities of percussionist Beverley Johnston and for the talents of the four Canadian composers whose music she performs. » – Jody Dalton, EAR – Magazine of New Music

Visit Beverley Johnston’s web site at http://www.beverleyjohnston.com


1. Steal the Thunder

(with tape / avec bande)


2-5. Cadenzas


6. Angels

(with tape / avec bande)


7. Chronaxie

(with tape / avec bande)

* This work was nominated for a
1989 JUNO: Best Classical Composition.
Cette oeuvre a été nominée pour un JUNO 1989: Meilleur composition classique.

This album was nominated for a 1991 JUNO: Best Solo or Chamber Music Album.
Cet album a été nominée pour un 1991 JUNO: Meilleur album de la musique de solo ou de chambre.


Beverley Johnston: Percussion
James Campbell: Clarinet / Clarinette