« Red & Blue is an album of contrasting compositions and moods. The many influences and styles we all love are contained within this release. Beside the obvious visual contrast in the title, jazz always contains some sort of a code. ‘Red’ is Campbell’s alias, and on a slow day for me, he called up and said ‘red’. I replied ‘blue’ – it stuck.

« This release gave me a great chance to feature Campbell. He’s been on almost every gig with me since 1979. The other members represented here have been with me almost as long, giving me the rare privilege of playing over a decade of my compositions with no written music and finding something new in them each time, and hearing new works that sound like we’ve been playing them for years. » – Hugh Fraser

1. Thank You Very Much

2. The Key of Love

3. Mr. Ryga

4. Memoria e Fado

5. Like the River

6. Precious

7. Lullaby

8. Salso Nova

9. Lost One

10. Herbildoodlyu

11. Fairy Tales