e word “ballad’ implies a tale or narrative, and while there is no literal story being told here, I found myself thinking of the two performers as co-travelers in a terrain – or as dance partners – and the music as sometimes like a song they “sing” together, sometimes a landscape they cross, sometimes a mood, sometimes a monologue, and sometimes a fine line they trace. In the end, it is a ballad about the cello and piano, and the way I hear them together.

This recording is from the live performance of the world premiere concert, February 22, 2006, in Toronto. My thanks to the audience members for such attentive and quiet listening.

I want to thank: the Chalmers Arts Fellowship program at the Ontario Arts Council for the support of the creation of this piece; Earwitness Productions and the Toronto Arts Council for the concert production; Mike Carroll, Pete Lawlor and the staff of Glenn Gould Studio; Maria de Alvear; Rick Sacks and David Rokeby (and Viva); Martin Arnold for the rehearsal feedback; huge thanks to Simon Fryer for his help with a rehearsal cello. Above all, I want to thank Eve and Andy for their profound musicianship, sensitivity and dedication. – L  more


released June 5, 2020

Recorded live in concert February 22, 2006, Glenn Gould Studio, Toronto

Engineer: Peter Lawlor
Editing and mastering: Rick Sacks
Released on World Edition