Program Notes, by the Composer

To me, the night represents the place where fantasy, storytelling and mystery intersect. As such, it has repeatedly been a source of inspiration for my music over the years.

Mirage explores the dream state, Night Star represents a starry night, and the pieces of Night Music are inspired by night scenes. Musical Angels was inspired by several Italian Renaissance paintings with angels playing string instruments. Many of these paintings had dark backgrounds evoking the night. As for the other pieces on this album, I tried to invoke the spirit of the night.

I am thankful for all the superb musicians who gave such expressive performances and brought my music to life. I hope you will enjoy these nighttime journeys.


  1. Danzón Overture Remix, for String Quartet and Percussion (6:06) – Odin Quartet, Alejandro Céspedes, Percussion
  2. Mirage, for Clarinet, Violin, Viola, Cello, and Piano (9:24) – Canadian Sinfonietta Chamber Players: Kaye Royer, Clarinet; Joyce Lai, Violin; Andras Weber, Cello; Talisa Blackman, Piano; with Guest Máté Szücs, Viola
  3. String Quartet No. 1: Mistico (4:14) – Odin Quartet
  4. String Quartet No. 1: Rondo Energico (7:19) – Odin Quartet
  5. Fantasia, for Piano Trio (10:22) – Aaron Schwebel, Violin, Leana Rutt, Cello, Alexander Panizza, Piano
  6. Night Music, for Piano: Echoes of Film Noir (6:13) – Alexander Panizza, Piano
  7. Night Music, for Piano: A Nostalgic Waltz (3:03) – Alexander Panizza, Piano
  8. Night Music, for Piano: Nocturne (4:38) – Alexander Panizza, Piano
  9. Night Music, for Piano: Bartok Meets the Blues (3:30) – Alexander Panizza, Piano
  10. Night Star, for Clarinet and Chamber Ensemble (8:27) – Canadian Sinfonietta Chamber Players: Tak-Ng Lai, Conductor; Kaye Royer, Clarinet; Erica Goodman, Harp; Lorne Grossman, Glockenspiel; Joyce Lai and Jin Lee Youn, Violins; Ian Clarke, Viola; Andras Weber, Cello; Tim FitzGerald, Bass
  11. Musical Angels, Variations on a Theme by Josquin des Prez, for String Quartet (8:54) – Odin Quartet