This piece was based on two striking aural experiences I had in spring 2022 in Izumo, Japan.

The first was in a small wooded area within the precincts of Hinomisaki Shrine, near the shrine dedicated to the complex but powerful deity most associated with the region, Susanoo. In a clearing by a sacred well, I stood listening as the sea breeze jostled seeds from the surrounding trees, raining tiny life-perpetuating kernels down around me with a sound both like and unlike a gentle drizzle.

The next day, I was accompanied by the commissioner of this piece, Kyohei Sugihara, to Gakuenji Temple and Furō waterfall. A delicate, gossamer stream of water falling onto a gentle incline of moistened rock, rich with brilliantly- green moss, it was unlike any waterfall I had ever seen, or heard.

These soundscapes were the seeds of this piece.