« Four Miniatures for Four Bassoons » is a set of Celtic music inspired miniatures. Scottish Gaelic song uses very descriptive titles and this inspiration is reflected in the Scottish Gaelic titles chosen for each movement. The first miniature, « Dannsa, » as its title implies has dance like qualities. The second movement, « Beum nan Clag » means strike the bells. Kingston Ontario has many churches in its downtown and on Sundays there is an interesting effect when all the bells strike the hour. They generally start together but eventually they fall out of phase, a feature captured in this movement. The third movement, « Oran Cumhaidh » is a slow song (oran) of lament. During the Scottish Reformation a form of psalm singing developed where the congregation sang in a block homophonic parallel style. This movement captures this style of historical singing. The last movement, « Deireannaiche, » which literally means final or last, brings the suite to a close with a reel like presentation.