Verdigris was originally the second movement of my piece Vespertine, written in
2005 for the Krutzen-McGhee duo – Heidi Krutzen, harp, and Lorna McGhee, flute,
who commissioned it.
Verdigris now exists in versions for violin and harp, oboe and guitar, and alto flute
and guitar.
The violin and harp version was made for violinist Janna Sailor and harpist
Albertina Chan, the oboe and guitar version for oboist Ron Mann, and the flute and
guitar version for the McGregor-Verdejo duo – Mark Takeshi McGregor, flute, and
Adrian Verdejo, guitar.
Thank you to Adrian Verdejo for his editing of the guitar part.
Info for performers:
Trills are to begin on the principal note indicated and trill to the note in brackets,
whether it is above or below the principal note.
Accidentals affect only the note in the octave where they are written. They carry
through the bar unless they are cancelled by a later accidental.
It is recommended that both players read from the score if space allows.
Program note:
Verdigris is written in the style of a postlude. It is melancholy and full of existential
solitude, like a lone bird crooning to itself in the night.
Listen online:
The McGregor-Verdejo duo perform Vespertine (June 2020 video – alto flute and guitar):